Love Breakthrough

You're tired of being single. But you don't want just any relationship.

You want to be with your one true love - the one who makes your heart sing and your toes curl.

Now you're speaking our language... because THAT just happens to be our mission on this planet - to bring you together with your sweetheart.

We can guide you because we did it.

Now, we've come to take you there with us - to the warm, wonderful world of soulmate love...

The Love Breakthrough Story


Dr. Lara Fernandez

Dear Spiritual, Smart and Inspired Soulmate Seeker,

How would your life be different if you had someone special to share your journey with? How fulfilled and elated would you feel if your “other half” was next to you, rooting for you every step of the way?

Does the thought of “putting yourself out there” and dating more make you want to throw up your hands, crawl into your comfiest sweatpants and big, baggy t-shirt, plant yourself on your couch and re-watch “The Notebook” with a spoonful of cold, creamy ice cream melting in your mouth?

Do you keep attracting the same guy in a different body - over and over again - and don’t know why? (And you’re really, really done dating the same duds...)

Do you dream of waking up every day in the warm, safe, committed and loving arms of your soulmate?

If you have found your way to this page and if you’ve been nodding your head “Yes” to the questions above, then keep reading, because your entire life (not just your love life) is about to change for the better.

You may have a suspicion that something different - something better - is possible in relationships. That true love is possible...but all you’ve ever seen around you were drama fueled, on-again-off-again “please love me, don’t leave me,” or painfully boring, “I’d-rather-be-alone” relationships.

You never even SAW soulmate love live and in person, so you don’t have a real vision of soulmate love. The world’s a little short on role models, that’s for sure...


Well, you’ve got them now.

We’re Johnny and Lara Fernandez. And while it’s true that we are a gloriously happy married couple, soulmates and partners in life, we each remember when this enchanting life we’re living right now was only a dream, and a distant one at that.

Lara here - and I’ve been where you are right now. Not too long ago, I was single, divorced and looking for love. I remember the feeling of going to dinners with my friends and being the only single one there (not fun), and don’t even get me started on all the lonely Saturday nights by myself (where I did absolutely anything and everything I could to avoid the painful feeling of going to bed alone).

I remember the crushing disappointment of having yet another relationship end painfully, and worse...the fear that something was wrong with me. In fact, I remember walking into a party with my first husband and him saying, “Must you always be - too much?” This is an exact quote, girlfriend!

That fear that I was “too much” for a man (or not enough - sometimes that painful thought would crop up too) kept me on a hamster wheel of dating for the all wrong reasons. And dating the wrong type of men for me.

I had had my share of mediocre and just plain BAD relationships- that was something that I was VERY familiar with. One night, after a particularly painful breakup with a man I had been certain was the love of my life, I made a decision.

I was either going to find my soulmate or be a crazy cat lady.

While I do love cats, I knew I had so much love to give to the “right” guy, so I made a decision to commit to finding my soulmate.

I attracted the right mentors and the right lessons - and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and opening myself up for true love and the life of my dreams.

That one decision changed my whole life forever! I attracted Johnny, my beloved. We met and fell madly in love and have been together now over 17+ years now. I truly am living the dream with him!

We are both very clear that our union was the result of conscious intention. It was on purpose, not relying on luck or chance. And now we’ve been teaching our “love breakthrough” method to thousands of women over the past 10+ years.

And because I’ve worked with him to empower 1000’s of women to break free from that downward spiral of “Is it ever going to happen?” doubt...into their most authentic, self-loving, clear-thinking self, I’m confident when I tell you this:

You’re not alone!

In fact, we know you may be struggling with the “Downward Spiral of Doubtful Love”. (AKA, that conversation we all have when we feel like we’ve been waiting for our Soulmate for too long.)

You know the one I mean.

How frequently do you find yourself asking...

“ What happens if I pick the wrong guy? Lose myself in the relationship? Let myself get swept up in it all...winding up heartbroken (or worse)...make a huge mistake that sets me back without enough time to meet the right guy...”

Then there’s always...

“What if it’s too late...?”

(A potential tragedy that bears down on us all as we age, and begin to feel like, “My biological clock isn’t JUST ticking-it’s Pounding-Down-the-Door!)

So while you’re smart enough to know it’s time to get a move on if you’re going to attract your Soulmate (aka that Mr. who loves you exactly how you are!)

You’re also smart enough to realize...

“It’s not too late (yet).  I don’t NEED a man.
And I. Don’t. Have. To. Settle...”

Okay, Let’s Be Honest. While we all want to naturally feel and believe those empowering thoughts, sometimes nothing feels further from the truth.

Many of the 2,000+ women we’ve helped elevate out of this downward spiral of negative thoughts - and accelerate onto a pathway of enriching, passionate, soul-quenching love will tell you...

...“When the going gets rough - you start seriously considering those ‘maybe I’ll just settle’ thoughts.”

(Even if that means living with the crushing feeling that something is missing, dumbing down your own success, and never experiencing the love you truly want to experience.)

Let’s face it: We all fear “settling”- yet that innate, intense, life-changing urge to settle down with a good man and grow a beautiful family together is just so strong!

Some might say, it’s impossible to ignore.

So I’d like to let you in on a little secret.

Every woman we’ve worked with will tell you the SAME THING:

If you’re reading this now, you’re here for a reason.

(I don’t mean that you may have been lucky enough to be referred by a friend, a sister, or a colleague who cares. Or you were lucky enough to discover that you’re experiencing some “repeated patterns” from an Eye-Opening quiz. Or by turning around and examining “similarities” in your failed relationships.)

I’m talking about something even more challenging.

Deep...Deep...DEEP down, you’re not really sure what’s holding you back. And even if you could pinpoint it intuitively, you doubt you’d know how to fix it!

So you’re left wondering... Why haven’t I found him yet.

And since nothing else has worked until now (for reasons you’ll find out shortly) I think it’s important that you stop and just take a moment...

Congratulate yourself.

Yes, be proud you’ve come this far! Because you believe enough in the possibility of finding that deliciously satisfying soulmate, that you’ll stop at nothing to find him. It was that same determination that attracted Johnny to me.

At this point, you’re thinking, “spill the beans, did you guys meet?”

Well, I can promise you one thing. It’s not the same old boring story...

“Boy meets girl. Boy falls madly in love with girl. Boy and girl live happily ever after.”

Johnny and I created our “happily ever after” a tad bit differently than what you might have seen in the movies. (More Sleepless in Seattle, and less Days of Our Lives if you can imagine.)

Here's how it all started...

Before I met Johnny, he was a passionate teacher - writing the full academic curriculum for a school in The South Bronx where he taught every day and attended law school at night.

On the outside it seemed like he had it all together... but his love life - was kind of a mess...

While he realized half-way through law school that teaching was his true calling (because his worst day TEACHING felt more spiritually fulfilling than his best day litigating), he refused to quit. So he wrapped up his law degree, passed the bar in two states, and that’s when it happened.

A disturbing truth weighed heavily on Johnny’s heart like a ton of bricks...

He wasn’t happy in his relationship.

And the SINGLE common denominator in all of his screwed up relationships (including his recent heartbreaking divorce) was him.

(Coincidentally, this was after my divorce, too - so there we were, more than 3,000 miles apart, experiencing the same unrelenting determination to break free from our past and create a brighter future.)

Now, in a drastic effort to breakthrough this self-sabotaging pathway, and elevate himself to reach new heights in love and in life, Johnny picked up and moved from New York City to California...

(Before you even ask. He didn’t know I was here. We’d never met, spoken, or connected in any way...and you’ll understand why I’m telling you this shortly).

That’s where single Johnny ends and “Johnny and Lara” begin.

The skeptic in you might be perking up, wagging her finger and sneering, “you just got lucky! It was merely a coincidence your path’s crossed.” 

Well, this was definitely no accident. Let me explain.

One day...

We Discovered a Secret, Right in Front of Us

While I didn’t realize it until Johnny and I put 2 + 2 together, I attracted him (using the same unique breakthrough process you’ll discover here today). Principles it took Johnny’s amazing teaching skills to boil down to the easy-to-follow, comprehensive, “snackable” steps guaranteed to gently shake you out of your rut...

So you can finally experience the Breakthrough Transformation that “unsettles” your GPS in alignment with your soulmate’s pathway (more on that shortly).

Here’s my dilemma. While I want to share every last detail with you now. I simply can’t.

Because one of the first things you’ll learn from Johnny and me is that you deserve to experience your own romance, held up to no standards outside of your most passionate dreams.

So for now I’ll spare you of any of the “how did the magic happen...” details. (We do share. Eventually. Just for now it’s vital that you focus on what YOU authentically desire.)

What I can tell you, is this:

What I barely believed was possible before I met Johnny...

A romantic getaway for our 13th Wedding Anniversary

I now know is something I consciously created. Because we’ve helped countless women create the same breathtakingly amazing experience, in their own way.

You know the one. Remember when you were a little girl and you spread your arms out wide, with your face to the sky, and you started spinning wildly...faster...and faster....

And because it was too fun to wouldn’t until you felt so dizzy and light and airy you nearly believed you could fly? That’s the feeling.

Even after 17+ years, I’m still dizzy in love.

At some point along our incredible journey, we experienced two crucial realizations that set us on the pathway to helping rooms full of women successfully break through to that deeply craved, indescribably beautiful, Soulmate love.

Meet the Man Who Won My Heart

Since Johnny’s the trained, educated, passion-driven instructor, I really want you to hear this part from him...

He is, after all, the co-creator of the Love Breakthrough Course, the man I trust with my heart, my hopes, my dreams...and my LIFE... so while I’d hope you take my recommendation of his skill (and the recommendations of happy clients from around the world) as proof, I believe it’s important that you meet him! Don’t you?

Besides, how often do you get to hear a love story passionately told from a man’s perspective?

Before You Do...

See Why Smart Women
Just Like You Love Working with Us!

“I took your course, and in the middle of it I was propelled to be a paying member of Match and 2 days later my Soulmate showed up.”

“Your course allowed me to get real with myself and look at my character. I then took your next course, Love Breakthrough, and in the middle of the course I was propelled to be a paying member of Match and 2 days later my Soulmate showed up. We went out 5 times and after the 5th date I knew that I felt at home and very safe and I loved to laugh with him. I thought it would have taken a long time to find my special someone. I guess I was ready and I left it to God, I stayed in the present. Thank you for your awesome class.”

Nancy, Levittown, PA


“After yet another short-lived relationship turned bad breakup, I was fed up with the way my love life was going. I knew I needed to do something different and figure out where I was making the wrong turns that kept leading me to heartbreak. ”

Marie C.(with her husband, Jeff)

“Through some research, I stumbled upon Johnny and Lara Fernandez - actually, I believe I attracted them to me. Within minutes of reading Lara's blogs, I knew hers and Johnny's program was just what I needed. I promptly signed up for the Love Breakthrough Course. It was exactly what I needed, and exceeded my expectations. I finally learned that I had power in relationships and when I accept less than I fully deserve, I am giving away my power.

“I also registered for the Love Breakthrough Weekend (LBW).

The LBW was truly a transformational and unforgettable experience... If I'm being honest with myself, had I not found Lara and Johnny and went through the course and weekend with them, I might not have ever given Jeff a fair shot.

Though I credit Lara and Johnny for helping me find my way to Jeff, what I truly gained from this experience was self-love. Knowing how to love and accept myself allows me to be my best self - the true, authentic Marie. The Marie that Jeff fell in love with!

Marie C. from Delaware


YES! Enroll Me Now!

Want to hear from Johnny? Keep reading...

Johnny here - I remember feeling alone.

When I got divorced I felt like I was on my own and back at square one. I was frustrated with myself, and at the whole idea of love and relationships. I thought women were the problem, but I just hadn't found the right woman for me.


For awhile I thought that "true love" was BS and everyone who said they were happy and in love were full of it. After a well meaning friend told me how I would probably be alone another 10+ years based on my past (my childhood wounds and my divorce), and probably never have children - well, that's when I woke up.

I decided to DO something very different. I began following a system (I didn't know it at the time) and ended up attracting and being attracted to the woman of my dreams, Lara. I never knew love could be this way.

Lara is, in the deepest meaning of the words - The Love of My Life, The Center of My Universe. I love her so much, in fact, that I woke up one morning with the nagging urge to spend more and more and more time with her.

Thinking back, it all seems like a dream now.

It was shortly after our beautiful baby girl was born. (Now the other Love of My Life) I was working to launch a new high school in Oakland...

When it hit me.

While I was passionate about teaching my school kids, what I wanted more than anything in the world, was to spend every day working by Lara's side.

(It's not as unusual as it sounds. Many soulmates who feel like they've waited for an eternity to find each other, experience the same feelings!)

Fast-forward 3 months, and there we were, working side-by-side operating a full wellness center - her as the Clinic Director and me as her Office Manager.

For years, we woke up together, drove to work together, and shared the ups and downs of running our thriving wellness practice.

Can you even imagine how exhilarating that felt?

Needless to say, we were blissfully happy.

As it turns out, Lara's chiropractic patients wanted what we had. They craved the very same passionate and deeply-connected soulmate love we experienced day in and day out.

I would feel their stares as I walked around the corner and hear them ask in trepidation...

"How do you guys do it? What's your 'trick'?..."

And I'd hear Lara tell them, "I consciously and intentionally attracted Johnny to me..."

(Which, anywhere outside of a wellness practice, might sound odd - however in our world - as you probably already know - this type of proven-mind science is 100% relevant).

Then she'd go on about how I'd (unknowingly) performed a series of similar tasks to consciously attract her into my life.

Now while these constant "Love Wellness" sessions might seem like fun (at first), it reached the point that this was the ONLY thing anyone ever wanted to discuss.

They could more than SEE the love between us. Many claimed they could FEEL it.

The more Lara opened up about it, the more they begged to know more. Their curiosity was insatiable.

As soon as she would enter the room, we could hear them whispering amongst each other, "What's her secret?" "What did she do to have her Soulmate and experience that passion filled love every single day?"

One day, we realized we may truly possess a secret most people didn't know....

Our Breakthrough Process

That was the day Lara's girlfriend invited herself over for dinner, bringing along her notebook, which we quickly discovered was to jot down all of Lara's techniques.

Then another woman asked to come over and "learn the secrets", and another, and another. And it began to feel like we were hosting a constant stream of Soulmate seekers in our kitchen. I was missing teaching and at the same time, we decided that we needed a better way to share her system.

So we thought...

Let's just do 1 single workshop. We had this great wellness center (with a yoga room, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic - the works!). So...

We told ourselves, "Let's just see if we can fill up 12 seats for a 3 hour session."

After all, your love life should certainly be a part of a healthy, holistic healing plan! And Lara and I were always of the same mind; if we had a gift and could help, we would go to the ends of the earth to share it!

So we sent out a simple message to clients (no marketing or mumbo jumbo). Just the time, date, and what we planned on sharing.

And you know what?

Within a few hours, it was Standing Room Only...

That's not even the most shocking part.

After a few hours of teaching, the women in the room told us they were grateful for the teachings...

And blown away by the insights.

Grateful for their positive feedback, I mentioned that we were thinking of taking a deeper dive into the topics we covered, and a few more I believed would help take them to the next level at an event we were scheduling for January - just 3 months away.

Milliseconds after the last word had escaped my mouth, a woman stood up from the crowd and exclaimed...

"JANUARY?!?! Forget that. I want it now. Can't we do one THIS weekend? Saturday maybe?"

Suddenly others were chiming in...

She asked how many people would need to be there, and without waiting for an answer, began recruiting attendants, planning a BIGGER location, and coordinating lunch.

As you can imagine, it was a blow-out success.

That's why after a crazy year and a half of Lara running the practice, and both of us creating and delivering our soulmate success programs in mostly live workshops from one end to the other of the SF Bay Area, Lara finally realized this was her true mission - and retired from chiropractic.

It became blindingly obvious that this was one big reason we were together - to create more divinely connected couples and bring Soulmates together, and after 13 years of doing just that, our mission is stronger than ever and the weddings, ohhhh the weddings...

We've been invited to, officated, and been to so many of our clients' weddings and baby showers, that we've lost count, and we know what we're doing works. That's why we are offering YOU an invitation to join us in a BIG SOULMATE LOVE PARTY...

Hear From Our Past Clients...

“Now I am married to my soulmate - two years after signing up for the program”

V.A. (with her husband)

“I wanted to thank Johnny and Lara for believing in me and guiding me on my journey to my soulmate. The structure of the program, the workshops, and the course contents strengthened me and helped me stay on course and keep the faith. The journey to the soulmate is sometimes not easy and having a mentor really helps - and not just any mentor, but someone who is with their soulmate. Johnny and Lara bring a perspective and depth that is uncommon because they have undertaken the journey to each other and bask in soulmate love every day.

When I signed up for the program, I had financial challenges and several other life challenges and enough outer evidence to believe that soulmate love was not possible, as I had been doing personal development work for three years and still not manifested a soulmate - but the urge to be with my soulmate was stronger than any obstacles, so I went into the course with my both feet in.

And now I am married to my soulmate - two years after signing up for the program. And I can say with certainty - soulmate love is possible - it is a matter of commitment and a willingness to be a uncomfortable when you look honestly within yourself and find what is really blocking love, and trusting that you can cross these blocks even though it can take longer than you want.

If you are looking for that ONE special relationship with your soulmate and not just any relationship, this program is a must. It will open your mind, warm your heart and help you access your soul that knows soulmate love is a reality.

- V.A.”

From V.A., Bay Area, CA


“Doug and I are 84 and 75 in age. We feel very right and very happy”

Linda H. (with her husband)

“All I can say is: the principles given in the program work. They all hinge on having an open, positive mind set, a willingness to "change your seat", i.e. get uncomfortable making a change but be willing to do it and be willing to let it feel good. We humans resist change. The power of love lifted my feet to see the love of my life become the love of my life. I didn't see it at first, he was just a nice guy, then a friend, then a good friend who I could think of as a well beloved relative (yes, all these phases went through my head)

People ask me "When did you know that you loved him?" and I can remember that it wasn't the boxes of candy or the fresh flowers on my bureau, or the roses for Valentine's Day. It was a night in early June that we had finished supper. We just sat on the couch. My side was nestled against his chest. Not a sound was in the house. My library had a large TV screen ready for us to view a DVD. We just sat and said nothing. I just felt very relaxed as my head lay on his broad chest. He tenderly stroked my hands. I could hear his heartbeat and feel his chest expand and contract as he breathed. And the house was quiet.

And it felt oh, so good and oh so right. After 25 minutes of silence, I looked up and him and said, "What do you make of this?" and he quietly replied, "We're connecting, just connecting." That's when I realized that I loved this wonderful, kind man. Early the next morning, on June 9, I came downstairs to prepare breakfast. He was dressed and had my freshly brewed cup of coffee ready to give to me. We stood there. And he wrapped his arms around me and asked me to marry him. And I knew what the answer was - “Yes”.

We first met on April 14, 2016. We married on October 14, 2017. Anyone can do the math. Doug and I are 84 and 75 in age. We feel very right and very happy. It feels very natural and wonderful. Johnny and Lara did say that people who are single for longer periods of time tend to have more of a challenge to marry than those who are single for less time. Wise advice. I was alone for 24 years and during the program I took daily time to journal, to commune with ladies in the forum and to enjoy learning more about me. Thanks Lara. Thanks Johnny. That's all for now. Doug and I are going to make sugar cookies.”

Linda H., Canada


“I highly recommend this program to any woman who is ready to invest in herself, create a higher quality life, and build healthy relationships based on life-giving principles and authenticity”

Deann (with her husband)

“This program was an amazing experience. I so appreciated the content of the program, it had so many facets and phases, the supportive and encouraging community of women who walked with me through each step; and Lara and Johnny's care as guides throughout the process. It was a healing, insightful, growth producing journey. There are so many truths and new perspectives that I not only know after having completed this program, but live out in my daily life.

I began dating a wonderful man four months before I completed the program, and we were married not that long after. We have a sweet and wonderful relationship; I'm so grateful to be on this new life journey with him! Johnny and Lara really helped me focus on loving myself well before focusing on a man, and I benefited from their guidance. I regularly refer to and apply learnings from this program in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend this program to any woman who is ready to invest in herself, create a higher quality life, and build healthy relationships based on life-giving principles and authenticity.”



“I grew to experience love like never before”

Marisa (with her husband)

“Dear Johnny and Lara,

In the story of my life, those that shall never be forgotten are my teachers. For my teachers make up the story of my life. And the greatest story of all is, Love...

When I met you both, I had been misguided, mistaken, and misled. I misunderstood love. I believed true love was scarce. I saw love fail. Yet, like a ship without a sail, you guided me back to my own heart, which showed me the journey's start.I put my faith, trust, and belief in you two because I had never seen a love like yours. I listened, I prayed, and I stayed in touch with my soul. Little by little, I remembered what it felt like to be whole.

Uniting with Adam, I grew to experience love like never before. For you had given me all the tools I needed, including a vision for which to see, Adam before me, down on bended knee. At The Sacred Space, he proposed and asked me to be his wife. I looked at him and knew we were destined and capable of creating an extraordinary life.

Forever, you will be a part of our love story told. It is one that shall be shared for generations, until Adam and I grow old. You are within the chorus of the soundtrack my heart sings, and held within every blessing that soulmate love brings.

My teachers, my mentors, my love coaches, you have helped to rewrite a legacy. The magnitude of my gratitude cannot be held in words. Like birds, I'll set the 'thank you' free by committing to love endlessly.

Love always,




“given me tools I can use for the rest of my life”

"This course has shown me how to overcome my unconscious barriers or mental blocks that were holding me back from achieving the life of my dreams. It has given me tools I can use for the rest of my life to stay on track with my goals. It has taught me to love myself and believe in myself."

Michele T. Eureka, CA


“finally believe that soulmate love... isn’t a maybe, but a definitely!”

"I finally believed that soulmate love, loving myself completely and living the life of my dreams isn’t a maybe but a definitely. Thanks for all of the work you do. You two really help others to change their lives for the better."

Gina M., Lexington, KY


“I have been holding myself back.
I see that now”

"WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! The processes and the sharing brought so many breakthroughs of awareness. I have been holding myself back - I see that now. Thank you Lara and Johnny and all the volunteers for your love, the gift of your teaching and time."

Love and Blessings,

Marlene M., West Linn, OR

UPDATE: Since writing this, Marlene is now happily married to her soulmate.




“...beginning to see myself for who I really am... magnificent... beautiful... courageous... WORTHY... DESERVING”

"I wrote about how making a COMMITMENT to myself was so new, yet SO important! The 1st word that comes to mind after this weekend is VISION. I am beginning to see myself for who I really am! A magnificent, beautiful woman who is not only courageous, but WORTHY and DESERVING!

Yeah! I have also opened the blinds I can truly see a happy future with my soulmate because he is looking for me at the same time I am looking for him."

Many Blessings! XoXo

Colleen D, Middletown, NY


“I feel a lightness and ease everywhere in my life now.”

"I enjoyed it very much I almost didn't want it to end. I feel lightness and ease everywhere in my life now. I feel I'm supported and guided in the right direction."

Victoria S, Germany


Now you're ready for love: Course 201

The Love Breakthrough Course

You've been waiting, and hoping, praying, and searching for that ONE person to come and sweep you off your feet.

Your one true soulmate who completes the picture of your destiny.

Your partner in crime, lover, and best friend to walk hand-in-hand down the aisle with.

Well, it's finally here...

2018 is your year to finally open yourself up to attracting your Soulmate.

Imagine waking up every day, snuggly wrapped up in the arms of the man of your dreams. All of the usual doubts and silly games that cloud your mind have vanished. Because you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are the woman of his dreams - and he's here to stay and cherish you for the rest of your years.

How would it feel if you experienced a breakthrough in your business or career, and you were prospering - with no signs of slowing down?

Imagine being at the height of your health and fitness. You are glowing with radiating energy, and your whole life is being lived at a high vibration.

And suddenly, all of your girlfriends are begging you to reveal your secret to "livin' the dream!"

Breathe it in, it is possible!

After working with thousands of women from all walks of life, helping them step into their power, and learn how to attract the man of their dreams, we decided to put the consciousness shifting and Soulmate Love attracting power into a LIVE mastercourse that's easily accessible by single, spiritual and successful women all over the world.

You're a strong, wonderful woman, but sometimes we all could use help and support in achieving our dreams.

In the Love Breakthrough Course, you'll learn how to break through those barriers that might be stopping you from attracting your true soulmate and attain the intimacy and deeper connection that comes from this reach for the stars, over-the-moon kind of love.

We've found it, women from all over the world have found it after taking this course... don't you think it's your turn?

You can do it!

Since it's called the "Love Breakthrough" Course, let's paint a picture of the breakthrough.

Love Breakthrough Module #1

Wash that man right out of your hair &
work in a soulmate love treatment.

Feeling like you're always attracting the type of men and relationships that don't serve you?

Although you may not realize it yet, you're trapped in a vicious cycle of heartbreak. You know the one: You date someone. You fall hard. It doesn't work out. You're angry. Bitter. Resentful.

"the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results"

Look, we've all been guilty of being caught in this "love trap" at some point in our lives. But in order for you to attract "the one" who makes you feel happy, enlightened and whole from the inside-out, you have to break the cycle.

So in this module, you'll learn how to:

Check out these powerful words spoken by a successful woman after completing the first class of the Live Love Breakthrough Course:

"Just wanted to say that tonight I finished the first class and am so aware of all the emotions that the family work churned up. Yet, at the end after I took a shower, as Lara suggested (good idea), I felt quite a lot of self awareness and found the stuck place during writing the exercises. It surprised me - that I believed I was not allowed to be happy, nor was I allowed especially to be happy with a man, or, my parents, who adopted me, would be upset and feel I loved someone more than them. It was amazing to realize how powerful the pull is to ‘just work’ and not have fun, not have a great man and a happy, successful relationship. Whew! And Wow! This was powerful work - thanks Johnny and Lara for all the work you have put into this course for us to ‘take off’ with!"


Love Breakthrough Module #2

Turn on the good love and life magnet &
BE the woman of your dreams.

Have you ever been told that in order to attract your soulmate, you have to do this "one weird trick," "think like a man," "whisper a 'magic' phrase," or some other mumbo jumbo regurgitated by unscrupulous marketers?

One of the biggest myths of finding love is that you have to change who you are. That couldn't be further from the truth!

In fact, to attract "the one," you have to become more of who you already are.

Say what?

See, you already have natural gifts that represent the missing piece your other half has spent years searching for. And only YOU can complete the puzzle. But instead of letting your beautiful, loving personality shine - fear finds its way into your heart, paralyzing your capacity to vibrate at your highest potential and show up in your true magnificence.

So in Module #2, we're going to help you stand in your strong, confident, open hearted and welcoming radiance as you attract your soulmate once and for all.

Here's what you're going to discover:

Read what one amazing, spiritual woman said after last year's Week 2 class...

"I finally did the exercise from class two. After that ... now I have trust, I have boundaries, I make great choices, I love me and I am my number one priority. Now I am free. Peace and love now flow into and out of me. My sister read my release prayer and she wants to know what I am doing so that she can do it too. Yeah!!!"


Love Breakthrough Module #3

New You, New Rules, New Relationship...
Create a "new normal" for yourself.

Have you been letting fairytales and Hollywood dictate how to find real love and create a deep soulmate relationship?

If you're nodding, "yes," then it's finally time to shed those old beliefs and self-imposed limitations, so you can catapult into your "new normal."

What is your "new normal"?

With your feet firmly planted on the ground, and your smiling face and full heart soaring above the clouds, you will authentically and consciously attract "the one."

We'll show you how to let your "inner goddess" shine brighter than ever before, making an undeniable love aura surround you, wherever you go.

Here's just a glimpse at some of the breakthroughs you'll experience in our third module:

Take a look at what one woman said after experiencing Week 3...

"I listened to Class Three last night in my bed before falling asleep. I know I have to listen to it again, journal in hand-it was that deep. I did all the exercises and I must say I felt tears streaming down my eyes. But when I got to burst that bubble, I felt like screaming ‘I AM FREE.’ I now realize that I don’t have to ignore my emotions, I just have to let them surface and trust that I can handle them in the best way. Thank you Lara and Johnny!"

Love Breakthrough Module #4

Keep your soulmate vibration high.

Have you ever felt totally committed and motivated to accomplish a goal, but then everyday life crept in and pushed you off course?

Not only does this phenomenon ring true in health and career goals, but it does in your love goals, too!

We understand you're busy. And although you have the best, purest intentions, it's easy to get off track.

That's why, this final week is dedicated to discovering the 5 Key Practices to Cultivating Your Soulmate Consciousness.

We want to make sure you stay committed to finding "the one," so these practices are designed to help you sustain the effects of all of the love breakthroughs you're sure to experience during this course.

We will also share some next steps to take to further activate your connection with your soulmate and living your best life right now.

Congratulations on committing totally and wholeheartedly to finding Soulmate Love! You've made it!

Here is what you will learn during the final week:

Here’s what one strong, Soulmate minded woman had to say after the fourth and final class of the Live Love Breakthrough Course last year:

"Hi& Thank You Lara & Johnny for this Course! It’s been like a miracle! Thank you also for the Fourth Class, I felt it so deep in my souls and I think I got so many ideas for myself, for my future, that have been inside of me for such a long time and it feels so good to have you supporting me and giving tools to get my personal growth further, every day. I’ve heard each class more than twice, taking notes carefully and trying to be so open that I could see and feel everything that comes up for me. Thank You & Lots of Love to everyone taking this course!!"


And the effect of the course is long lasting, and it works, here’s one of many notes from well after last year’s course finished (received by us January of this year):

"I found my soulmate shortly before the course ended... "

Thank you Lara! I haven’t gotten back to you regarding the telecourse I participated in with you last Spring because I wanted to see how things panned out... The fact is, I found my soulmate shortly before the course ended... We have been together for 10 months, now and going strong... So, thank you again! I feel your course was almost like being in therapy - I was encouraged to look into myself instead of what was going on outside of me... I have had to do some stretching, but it seems to pay off exponentially! I’ve learned to be more accepting of myself, my partner and everyone! With Love and good wishes for the New Year”

Sandy B.

We understand, you're a busy woman, but when does it get to be your turn, time to do something for yourself?

Honey, you're always going to be busy. That's life in the 21st century. It's never a "good time" to do something different.

And really, this program is just over 2 hours a week- A WEEK! - that's an average of 20 or so minutes per day. C'mon. You'll find the time for what's a priority for you

Tell the Universe that attracting your soulmate is a priority by giving yourself the gift of just a few hours a week to focusing on love. The Universe will respond in kind to your level of commitment.

It's the same as in your career, if you have no space for new responsibilities, how can you advance, how can you make more money? Or in business - if you have no room for new clients, where do you put them, and how can you grow? Same thing here. Begin making room in your life by making the time for you, because it's SO worth it when you're with your sweetheart. You'll see how profound making room in your life for yourself, your desires, and your dreams will make you INSTANTLY more attractive to healthy and magical loving experiences.

Plus, this is the only live group mentoring program with us for the whole of 2018. You don't want to miss out on your only chance to work with Lara and Johnny this year, and begin your journey to creating a life you love ... with the love of your life.

Let's make this your year to remove the subconscious blocks preventing you from attracting the man of your dreams - 2018 will be YOUR time to find Soulmate Love.

Included with this course - you will get:

This Love Breakthrough Journey is a multifaceted journey of discovery, engagement, and empowerment.

When you give yourself this gift, you can expect to explore new learnings and experiences, here are just a few of them:


In addition to the entire course sessions with Johnny & Lara, you'll also receive this exclusive set of bonuses designed to support you further.

Bonus #1:

True Love is Possible For You: 158 Love Breakthrough Case Studies

It's true... true love is possible for YOU. These love breakthrough cases are from real people... real people who have been right where you are now.

This will make it faster and easier for you to have YOUR true love breakthrough and capture his heart; you'll see that true love and healthy relationships really are possible, all the good ones are not taken, and it's not too late for you.



Bonus #2:

Boost Your Confidence With Men Masterclass

We've really pulled out all the stops to make it quick and easy for you to increase your confidence, thanks to our surprisingly step-by-step program. This program will give you the ultimate formula to instantly start growing your confidence - inside and out - faster than you ever thought possible.



Bonus #3:

Imperfectly Perfectly Lovable Audio Masterclass

We are going to prove to you that you are "imperfectly perfectly lovable" just as you are. With this audio masterclass, you'll find it faster and easier to attract a quality man. Your love and respect for yourself will make you INFINITELY more attractive to quality men. When you really truly deeply GET that perfection is not required to find Mr. Right, there is an energetic shift within you... it really can't be fully explained, as there's something a little woo-woo about it so just trust me - it's truly powerful and transformative.

Valued at: $297


Bonus #4:
(Limited Bonus)

One Ticket to the Love Breakthrough Weekend

That's right, you get to attend the $895 value Love Breakthrough Weekend, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and learn with us personally. This ticket is complimentary - our gift to you- when you enroll in the Love Breakthrough Online Mastercourse right now.


We know that what brought us together wasn't luck. It was intention. We sit here together every day, so grateful to have found each other. Even though we've been married for over 17 years now, we're still so in love - and actually more in love with each other every day.

What would it do for your life to have your Soulmate at your side? To have someone who sees you and loves you more deeply than you've ever experienced for exactly who you are - right now?

Your Soulmate is also someone who will always be on your side, regardless of the ups and downs you experience in life. Just "being in a relationship" doesn't guarantee this...but when you're with the RIGHT person - your Soulmate - you go through everything together. It changes your whole life. No matter what else might go wrong, you've got each other's back.

Not only will this course transform your life, but the lives of people around you. Your whole community will be positively affected by the choice you are making right now to consciously create an extraordinary love experience for yourself and your Soulmate.

We're here to support you, guide you, and walk you through this process step by step for as much and as long as you'd like. It's our honor to lead you to a divine life with your divine love.

We received the heartwarming comment below from a lovely woman who poured herself into our last Love Breakthrough Course. All we can say is, "You're welcome!"

"Thank you Lara and Johnny for this amazing gift you gave to all of us, and may your words be spread all over the world. Bless you!"


By Now You Might Be Thinking...

“That Sounds Like the Right Step for Me.

Still, My Life is Busy. And It Feels Like So Much to Digest in 4 Weeks...

How Will I Drink It All In?...”

JohnnyDesigned with the busy, smart woman in mind, the Live Love Breakthrough Course guarantees you get everything you need to experience a love breakthrough...

Without feeling overwhelmed.

It's the closest you'd come to an Ivy League colleges summer crash-course titled "Preparing for Your Soulmate 201" without giving up your time at the beach!

In fact, while you can return to revisit this program anytime with FULL Lifetime Access, most women find that 4 weeks is plenty of time to easily absorb what's needed to experience "the breakthrough".

Here's Why:

First, you'll experience your Welcome and Kick Off call with us live (or on recording if you can't make it live). Here we'll lay it all out for you, so you won't be lost or confused, instead you'll be excited, confident, and inspired. And you'll begin to connect with the other wonderful women who will travel this leg of the journey with you, so you can get prepared to make the most of your 4 week journey - the critical first steps to help you go from where you are to where you want to be.

So you begin stepping AWAY from your Identity as a "person loving the single life" and prepare for Soulmate love. (Far better than simply waiting around for your soulmate to land in your lap, wouldn't you agree?)

You'll kick start your journey toward an AUTHENTICALLY positive feeling about you, your love life, your prospects, and your future.

It's a dramatic breakthrough to experience in 4 weeks. We had to really question how deeply we should take you down the rabbit hole during your first journey with us...

Turns out, it all boiled down to one critical question:

"If we could have experienced that first dramatic, life-direction changing breakthrough, in just 4 weeks - would we have chosen to accelerate into each other's arms?"

Both of us decided that now more than ever, the answer is YES.

If you're ready to begin opening your heart, so you can easily shift out of the old patterns hindering you from finding your soulmate, you'll be pleased to learn that you can start the Live Love Breakthrough Online Mastercourse now.

YES! Enroll Me Now!

Love Imagining Yourself in the Depths of Romance...

See What Johnny and Lara Can Help You Create!

“A few months after taking their course, I met my HUSBAND...”

Leslie R.(with her husband, Alfredo)

“I was having fun, but definitely not in Soulmate territory when I heard about Johnny and Lara’s program. They are two of the most loving, generous people around and they definitely know their stuff when it comes to attracting the right partner. I’m so glad I took a chance. They helped me clarify who I was looking for and what kind of life I wanted to share with him. A few months after taking their program, I met my husband of now three beautiful years of marriage. I didn’t recognize him right away, but he kept showing up in my life in such a powerful way that I had to take notice of what the universe was offering me.

To all of you still looking, never ever settle because it’s absolutely amazing when you meet your Soulmate. It doesn’t matter how long it takes-when you find the one, you have won in life.”

P.S. Leslie and her husband Alfredo just had their first baby... a beautiful baby girl!

Leslie R., Oakland, CA


“It's real, it's powerful, and life changing.”

Teresa T. (with her soulmate)

“Hello Johnny and Lara, it's been eight months since dating. We now live together and are planning marriage. I just want to let you know that after taking the Love Breakthrough course, I was able to get very clear and precise about what I'm looking for and what I have to offer. Making that list and doing the letters to heavenly father, earthly father, and soulmate to come changed my life and perspective.

Thank you so much for the awesome work you are doing. It's real, it's powerful, and life changing. We will send you pictures of our wedding day to come. And yes, you are absolutely welcome to share our story and pictures. May God continue to bless the wonderful work you all are doing. ”

Teresa T., Brooklyn, NY 


“This Program Has Been The One Thing That Has Had The Most Profound Impact On My Entire Life!”

Gaby W. (with her husband, Sam, and their baby, Jayden)

“I am living the life of my dreams with the man of my dreams and our so longed for baby

I wanted to do everything possible to recondition my mind, body, heart and soul for Soulmate Love. I did not want to fall into the same patterns and make the same mistakes I had done in the past.

With the support of Johnny and Lara as my love mentors and the other women in the program by my side who had always seen me at my highest self, it was so much easier to practice change and accelerate the transformation process.

Since then I found my soulmate - we bought a condo, got married (Lara and Johnny officiated the wedding), and we’ve been transformed by our It is so amazing to witness how our lives just keep getting better and better. I am living the life of my dreams, with the man of my dreams and our so longed for baby... And of course we know that there are more dreams to be yet manifested!”

P.S. Gaby and Sam have also welcomed the newest member of their family, Marcus!

Gaby W., Roseville, CA


“Pure Magic-Seriously!”

Justina B. (with her husband)

“At your course I set an intention that the man of my dreams would propose to me on a certain date, even though at that time, I didn’t yet know who my soulmate was... and it ACTUALLY happened... on the exact day I had predicted

“In one of your workshops, I set my intention to “Get engaged to the most amazing man I can imagine.” Through the course of our work together you helped me to see that I was fundamentally untrusting in relationships and didn’t really believe I would ever have the type of partnership that I said I wanted. When I saw that, and with your help, I started to open up, and eventually, I started looking differently at a friend of mine who had already been proposing to me for the past 9 years.

I never really considered him a potential match for me, because he wasn’t what I always thought I wanted. But when I was really open, I saw that he is perfect for me. So we started dating nearly a year ago.

Last Saturday, on the day I predicted years earlier, he proposed for real, and I accepted. Now is that magic or what?”

Justina B., Santa Barbara, CA


“Leap of faith that led to the life of my dreams with my soulmate by my side...”

Gina R. (with her sweetheart)

“Through my commitment to both The Love Breakthrough Telecourse and Love Launch Program I have not only magnetized my soulmate but also, I have begun a life long journey of deep self care and nurturing that I never knew before. So many of the tools I gained from these programs have given me and will continue to give me the structure, empowerment, and gentle yet clear reminder that I am worthy of everything wonderful. My life is showing me this now.

If I hadn’t taken that leap of faith that my spirit was calling me to, I would have been in the same place as before (as I was for many years) and would be limited by my old beliefs and left sad and in a place of deep pain and hopelessness, truly. Now, I am so thankful for where I am today and for Johnny and Lara’s commitment to women’s empowerment and the possibility of true, healthy, and whole relationships.

Today I am deeply blessed to share That I am creating the life of my dreams with my soulmate & partner, Jacob, by my side. We’re not perfect, but we are perfect for each other and we truly compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s almost hilarious how similar yet balanced we are for one another. I wish for all women to have the opportunity to experience Johnny and Lara’s offerings, for the sake of Peace in our world.”

Gina R., Santa Cruz, CA


“I am not the same person leaving this event that I was when I arrived...”

Janella S.

My heart is opening and the breakthrough I had was amazing.

I am not the same person leaving that arrived at the beginning to not only trust in myself and others, but be able to really love myself.

When I began, I said “I deserve soulmate love” and with Johnny and Lara’s help (and the community) I believe not only that I deserve my soulmate, but that he and I are even closer with a clearer intention. You guys rock!”

Janella S., Austin, TX

P.S. Since writing this, Janella has met a very special person in her life


PLUS, You're protected by our
"I HEART THIS PROGRAM" Money-Back Guarantee

We want to make this a Totally No-Risk Investment in yourself for you right now. We're confident that if you show up fully, listen to every class and Illumination Q & A Call, apply the principles and teachings you learned in this course you will have breakthroughs and you will grow in ways that you could have never imagined. We also know that if you do the work and put in the time, you'll feel more confident about yourself, men, and your love life going forward.

If for some reason you complete all the work, give it your fullest commitment of self, and you're the first woman to miss out on the amazing experience you've been craving, haven't made any new discoveries about yourself, men, or love then simply send us your completed journals of work by the end of the course and we'll refund your entire investment. You see, there's Zero Risk, and so much reward that's available for you.

Why such a strong guarantee? Because we know deep down that the women who commit to this program, us, not flaky, not wishy-washy, and not in it for a “magical pill”. You understand that experiencing a breakthrough requires you to do (somewhat easy) work.

So beyond an offer to return your investment - we’re offering up our reputation, because we feel it’s only the right thing to do when your heart is on the line. And after 13 years of success, you know that’s a guarantee you can count on.

Need More Hope?

Experience Life Through the Eyes of These Women...
Before and After Working with Johnny and Lara!

“Brilliant Program...”

"Johnny and Lara have a brilliant program. Anything that can change me into a woman capable of real love is proof."

Jean J, Huntington Beach, CA


“You have become a vital part of my journey...”

"...the best times of my life. I feel a very deep connection to all my sisters here and to Johnny and Lara. You have all became a vital part in my journey to knowing myself, being close to GOD and living a life overflowing with love and joy. I broke down to breakthrough and I will never forget this time."

Betti, Cuyahoga Falls, OH


“An Amazing & Uplifting Experience...”

"What an amazing & uplifting experience I learn so much what was going on in my head. I feel empowered, enlightened & energetic. For some reason to feel a high vibration energy beaming out of me through all the exercises of what was taught.

This weekend covered exactly what I needed to hear & work through to the next level. So glad I made it or I would have missed truly a process transformation that I needed to walk through & experience. I’m amazed how powerful the mind is. Thank you!"

Michelle B, Irvine, CA


So now you're probably wondering,

“What’s my investment in this
transformative program?”

You should be very proud of yourself, because taking this new step on your journey toward soulmate love is an act of immense self love and courage.

Because you've been part of our Men Of Quality Do Exist Documentary series we're giving you an OVER 50% OFF discount on the regular tuition ($799+) cost of the course so...

When you gift yourself this proven life-changing live group mentoring program with us, your tuition is a very fair $299, that's our Men Of Quality Special.

Yes, that's less than that weekend getaway with the girls. Less than that "retail therapy" shopping spree. And less than you "loaned" your ex (but never saw again). And less than a pair of boots. Okay, a fab pair of boots, but less than that.

We want to reward you for taking one giant leap forward today on your quest for love.

How often do you get the opportunity to join an amazing community of women focused on love - all undergoing the exact same proven love breakthrough process? And...with expert guidance and a plan that will allow you to feel peace and ease, knowing you're doing the right thing for yourself and your future?

Together we'll gently lead you through a powerful process to help you shed old patterns, release past heartbreaks, gain new insights into yourself, men, and relationships and experience a love breakthrough that will leave you forever changed.

Ready to live the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side.

YES! Enroll Me Now!

Remember. You’re not alone.

We’ve been there. We tried “everything out there” (and we continue to do the research so you don’t have to, and to guarantee you’re always getting only the BEST)

So we can understand what you’re experiencing.

We were just as curious as you are... just as longing...

Johnny moved from NYC to CA for “no apparent reason”

And me, well, I was ready for him just in time for him to sweep me off my feet.

The question is...
Will YOU be ready in time?

YES! I'm Ready To Live The Life of My Dreams With My Soulmate Right now, and I understand I will receive:

"Johnny and Lara officiated our wedding, it was beautiful in every way. My work with Johnny and Lara helped me to see my true self, the loving and amazing person I am, allowing to move toward the soulmate love I continue to experience and that is my birthright."

Deborah F.

"I'm happy and grateful to share that after completing their program, I met my soulmate. We are now happily married and planning our future. He is more than I ever could have imagined and I truly feel loved, cherished, and adored"


"Through the program, I attracted the love of my life, Jonathan, had the highest earnings in my business, gained lifelong love warrior sisters, and most importantly, I truly learned how to love and value myself at such an extraordinary way that I am who I've always wanted to be: the best version of me that keeps getting better!"


"Johnny & Lara's teachings have helped me gain trust in God, in the Universe, in Divine's timing and wisdom, so it's a lot less stressful to make decisions now. The program has completely changed me in how I get in touch with my intuition, which I now know is Divine guidance."

May B., Brasilia, Brazil

"Thank you for the tremendous impact that your programs have had on my life. Aaron is the Soulmate that I had asked and prayed for. I never fully believed that I would have this kind of love or relationship. Thank you so much for getting me ready to accept, experience and welcome my Soulmate into my life. I was not ready before I started the Love Breakthrough course...but your love and wisdom and guidance have prepared me for one of the greatest gifts of my life. I am so grateful!"



LIVE Kick Off & Course Orientation Call where we will enjoy an interactive beginning and help you prepare yourself in every way and explain how you can maximize your results during our 4 weeks together
Unlimited access to the Kick Off & Course Orientation call online, or download the mp3 files to your computer, tablet, or any mobile device.
4 90-minute Course Session Audio Recordings packed with the deep, transformative insight you need to move freely and peacefully forward into love.
Unlimited access to the Course Sessions online, or download the mp3 files to your computer, tablet, or any mobile device..
4 LIVE Q & A Coaching Sessions (90 minutes each) with Lara and Johnny guaranteed to give you a new dimension of depth, connection, and clarity.
Unlimited access to the Q & A Coaching Sessions online, or download the mp3 files to your computer, tablet, or any mobile device.
Activation Practices for Your Love Breakthrough with specific love action steps for each course session.
4 Week Private Live Online Coaching Community & Peer Support Group [with Johnny & Lara + Certified Love Breakthrough Guide] Meet, socialize with, support, and be supported by other like-minded women who are also committed to Soulmate Love.
BONUS: True Love is Possible for You: 158 Love Breakthrough Case Studies. With these you'll be inspired to see that true love and healthy relationships really are possible, all the good ones are not taken, and it's never too late for you.
BONUS: Imperfectly Perfectly Lovable Audio Masterclass. With this audio masterclass, you'll AUTOMATICALLY find it faster and easier to attract a quality man. Your love and respect for yourself will make you INFINITELY more attractive to quality men.
BONUS: Boost Your Confidence with Men Masterclass. This program will give you the ultimate formula to instantly start growing your confidence - inside and out - faster than you ever thought possible.
LIMITED BONUS: One FREE ticket to a 2018 Love Breakthrough Weekend [April or May 2018].


Regular Tuition $799.00+

Men Of Quality Do Exist Special!


All Registration Closes

Sunday, March 4th, 2018 at 10:00pm PST


You know that right now, you're faced with two decisions:

Would you rather look back a year from now and wonder if you "missed the one" because you weren't ready?

Or would you rather be on your way to saying "I Do" with the man you've been dreaming about (and who's been dreaming about you!) for a lifetime.

Don't give up on your dreams. Take action now while there's still time.

There is no better time than now to finally have a breakthrough in your love life.

This IS your prayers answered for some help. Now the change you have been looking for can begin now, all you have to do is say YES to yourself, and YES to YOUR Love Breakthrough!

Here's to YOU, living your best life with your true love,

Dr. Lara and Johnny Fernandez

P.S. There is a man out there, right now, dreaming of YOU. This course is designed to experience that breakthrough in love you've been hoping for. Register NOW.

P.P.S. Remember, you ALSO get a FREE ticket to our LIVE Love Breakthrough Weekend in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California. This is an $895 bonus! This is a hot ticket, so take advantage of this while you still can.

“This sounds fantastic Johnny and Lara,
but I still have a few questions...”

Click On The Question To See The Answer

Q."When does this start?"

We begin with a live Kick Off & Course Orientation Call on Saturday, March 10th at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET. It's recorded, so if you miss it you'll receive that as soon as you register. Then the Love Breakthrough Mastercourse begins on Friday, March 16th, and runs for 4 weeks. During that time you'll get the teaching, support, and bonding (with other Soulmate minded women from all over the world) you need to make your Love Breakthrough happen.

Q: "What if I'm out of the country? Can I still get on the calls?"

All you need is an Internet connection, and you can listen live and even ask questions by typing them in to us. Or you can call into our system using Skype. Of course, you can just use a phone if you like, no Internet needed. Technology rocks.

Q: "What if I can't make one of the live Q&A calls?"

You'll find that many of the women have the same questions you do. So even if you can't make the calls, you can listen to the recording and still get access to all the heart opening wisdom.

Q: "I'm super busy right now and wonder if I'll be able to keep up."

Allow me to let you in on a little secret; your mind will always try to convince you that you don't have enough time. Because it wants to avoid change. But remember that you'll have lifetime access to the course, so even if you do miss a few things along the way, this course is rich and deep enough that you can come back to it at your convenience when the time is right for you.

Q: "If I take the Love Breakthrough Online Mastercourse, should I still attend the Love Breakthrough Weekend?"

Our Love Breakthrough Online Mastercourse is like Soulmate Love 201. You'll learn more about what it takes to achieve extraordinary love and the mindset of the soulmate attractor. As a bonus to the Love Breakthrough Online Mastercourse, we're also offering Love Breakthrough Weekend workshop which is like Love 301. It's a totally different curriculum that dives even deeper for different outcomes.

Q: "I'm not sure if I can afford it. What do you recommend?"

When we say to ourselves, "I can't afford it" it's a way of really saying it's not a priority right now. We have flexible payment plans that seem to work for everyone for whom this area of their life is a priority. If you feel that you're getting a yes to join us, then trust that. But if you're feeling otherwise, trust that too.

Q: "I've read quite a bit about how to attract a man, even done online courses about it, how do I know this will be different?"

If you only ever hear the feminine perspective, you're missing half of the equation. Our course offers BOTH the feminine and masculine perspective. Plus we know it works in the real world. Because we used the same Love Breakthrough System to attract each other. And we've been happily married for over 17 years. Plus, as you learn and grow each week, you'll be supported by a community of wonderful, conscious, and positive women. Women often tell us how much they were craving positive women connection and collaboration on this journey because they felt so alone. We are not magicians, but what we do is quite magical, all you have to do is show up and give your all. The inner glow and confidence you walk with after doing this course is noticeable to everyone around you (including men!)

Q: "Is this a program to find a man?"

Well, naturally, YES - at the same time... Absolutely NOT! This is not a "catch a man" program. This is a program that is going to show you what it takes to be a soulmate manifestor. We're more interested in giving you the mindset and the skills to attract lasting love... NOT just another date. The beautiful thing is when you are out of the "confused" or "grasping" state, and you practice what you learn in this course you'll glow, be more attractive, and confident...that can't help but bring a quality man closer to you.

Q: "My career is not quite where I want it to be - should I wait then take the course?"

Girl, how you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING. Many women who do this program find themselves having breakthroughs in ALL areas of their life- including their careers. This course is about you investing in creating the best you possible, and truly knowing the value you hold out in the world. Only then will you begin manifesting true love...AND more success in every area of your life. We see it all the time.

Q: "What's possible for me?"

Sandy B. was in your exact position last year - here's her experience: "I found my soulmate shortly before the course ended... We have been together for 10 months, now and going strong... I feel your course was almost like being in therapy - I was encouraged to look into myself instead of what was going on outside of me... and it paid off exponentially!"

If she can do it, so can you. Are you ready to have the life you dream of? It starts with a breakthrough, a LOVE breakthrough :-)

“Renewed trust and a renewed focus on my intention of true love...”

Description: tamara

“My intention was for a permanent change on the inside... a renewed trust and a renewed focus on my intention of true love. It was a beautiful multi-faceted weekend and I am glad to take good notes. I feel stronger and more empowered and re-set back to my intentions, dreams and goals in life.

One of my favorite things is how Johnny talks of his love for Lara and how it is growing deeper and deeper. That is so inspiring to me (and to have the revelation that it is possible for me too is priceless). You two are precious to me. I thank you immensely for what you are doing.”

Tamara F., Oklahoma


“Being in this program truly is moving my life to a whole new level... bringing me back to a state of CONFIDENCE and FAITH I haven’t felt in God knows how long!”

Description: christina

“I am SO glad that I signed up for this year­‐long program and made this commitment to myself.

Johnny and Lara... you two are such amazing, inspiring people and I am so glad that you are my love mentors on this journey. Being in this program truly is moving my life to a whole other level... bringing me back to a state of CONFIDENCE and FAITH that I haven’t felt in God knows how long! I sincerely appreciate you, and the program, and I am beginning to trust life and love again.
This program really does work if you work it. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so committed to anything... it’s been a while, I’ll tell you that. I am so excited about what the rest of this year will bring. I love being in a community with all these amazing women, and the support on this journey means so much.


Christina N., San Francisco, CA


“I now know I first need to BE “the One” to ATTRACT “the One”...”

Description: adri

“I feel energized, confident and trusting that the path I’m being guided through and that I am walking leads to my beloved (as well as a happier and more radiant me; my best self).

I had a revelation this weekend; There’s a reason why I haven’t met him yet and it’s because I deserve much better that what I have settled for in the past. I now know I first need to BE “the One” to ATTRACT “the One”. Coming from a place of self­‐power, honor and heart commitment.

Thank you dear love mentors! You mean the world to me. I appreciate your love, guidance, kindness and powerful program.”

Adri R., San Jose, CA


“Before this program I spent a lot of time in “hesitation mode” - now I’m more decisive, bold and clear!”

Description: susan

“Before this program I spent a lot of time in “hesitation mode” - hesitating about decisions, choices, action to take in my life.

I’ve discovered (for myself, anyway) that hesitation hurts (me)!

This program has helped me to strongly move into more decisiveness, boldness, courage and clarity in how I life my life. My soulmate loves these qualities in me!

Thank you Lara and Johnny for meeting, falling in love, staying in love and creating this Love Launch Life program!“

Susan K., Foster City, CA



“Being able to participate in this program has been a blessing...”

Description: natalie

“Every Intensive has been amazing. This particular one has helped me discover various parts of myself that I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own.

Thank you for the efforts you have invested in this program.
Being able to participate in this program has been a blessing. The inner beauty and strength I’ve begun to unveil will help me make my life even more amazing.”

Natalie R., Tolleson, AZ


“I found I DO have courage, self-love, belief in my dreams and in having my soulmate...”

Description: evy

“This weekend was awesome! It address so many parts of me I needed to bring to light.

I found I do have courage, self­‐love, belief in my dreams and belief in having my soulmate. I just needed to dig deeper to bring those qualities up from dormancy to life and light and really walk the talk!

Thank you for helping me shine my light more brightly and acknowledge the beauty in me as I am already. Thank you for teaching me I can overcome hesitation nd fear to have what I want. Thank you for believing in me.”

Evy S., Gresham, OR


“Johnny and Lara believed in me when I didn’t; they encouraged me when I needed it the most; and they were always there with loving advice that transformed me into the woman I am now...”

Description: liz

“I think this program found me because I can’t honestly remember how I found out about the program. I had done so much personal growth over the years, but was looking for something specific that would get me to where I wanted to go.

This program was the very thing.

When I started the course, though I was the woman who thought she knew it all, what could they possibly tell me that I didn’t already know?

Well, I was humbled almost immediately and here I am, still a student and still

The change I’ve noticed the most is that I’m a much kinder person to myself. In the past I was very hard on myself. I had such high standards that made it difficult for anyone else in my life to live up to the same standards I gave myself. My standards are still high, but now I’m gentler and kinder and I can forgive myself easier, love myself more and appreciate who I am as a woman.

I even love my body now!!

I have also developed solid boundaries, which makes my life so much happier.

I’m able to honor and respect myself and, as a result, this has provided me with higher self-esteem.

Another major thing I’ve noticed about myself is that after a seeming setback I can get back on track much quicker. The program provided all the tools I could possibly need (sometimes I forget to use them) and when I take the time to read back over my notes or listen to a call, I find what I need to help myself get back to being grounded, centered and believing in myself again.

The more I know about Lara and Johnny the more I appreciate the amount of love and devotion they have for me and the other ladies in my group. They believed in me when I didn’t, they encouraged me when I needed it the most and they were always there with loving (although, sometimes hard to hear) advice that transformed me into the woman I am now. Their work is bordering on genius, it blows my mind how much attention to detail the program has. There are tools that can be used forever and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so wonderful.
I was not only nurtured and encouraged by Lara and Johnny, I was also supported by every woman in the program. I was even a bridesmaid for one of the ladies who has become a very cherished and loved friend of mine. That’s only a small part of the changes I’ve seen, I’m excited to expand more while being patient for my true love to come into my life.”

Liz S., San Diego, CA



More Testimonials From Our Happily Married Clients...

See What Johnny and Lara Can Help You Create!

“Married life is really wonderful”

Renee K.(with her husband)

“Married life is really wonderful. Paul is such a good man and treats me better than I ever thought I deserved (before your Love Launch program). He is my partner in every sense of the word. It is true joy to live life with him. Thanks for the insight that you gave me to help me see what was in front of me!

I am honored to have had both of your collective wisdom, patience, and guidance to help me on my journey. It's been a long haul getting here, but it's nice to know there is a happy landing place.”

Renee K-S., Phoenix, AZ


“I am a firm believer that the work I did with you both brought him into my life”

Cindy (with her husband)

“Lara & Johnny - This is one of those emails that you both LOVE to receive.... He asked, and I said YES! Tree and I are getting married @ SF City Hall on June 20th.

I am a firm believer that the work I did with you both brought him into my life (he and I met on while I was working through the LoveLaunch Program.)

All the coaching I had with you helped to manifest my return back to the Northern California from Bakersfield, a house that we built together, a new job and my very own family. It has been such a journey! Without the coaching and whispers from you both "he's out there, and he's looking for you too", I know I wouldn't be about to marry the man of dreams and be supported in continuing my growth in becoming who I aspire to be in a relationship. (Yes - it's true the learnings never stop!)

We are having a party on June 21st at a winery in Sacramento - I want to invite you three to join us and celebrate.

I have your city, but could you please send me your address? An invitation will be in the mail.

Lots of Love and Big Hugs,




“I can scarcely remember life before my sweetheart!”

Ashley N. (with her husband)

“Thinking of you and Johnny and in moments where I feel most confident, am most decisive and making kind but firm decisions from my heart; I think of you both, our program and Love Warrior Training Camp when we just had to act and go with a unknown situation. You all do wonderful work and help to strengthen women who already possess their strength but who are shown in new ways how to tap into it.

I wanted to do everything possible to recondition my mind, body, heart and soul for Soulmate Love. I did not want to fall into the same patterns and make the same mistakes I had done in the past.

I'm happy to say that I've been busy with this wedding planning, working extra for our trip to Spain next January and figuring out these dreams of mine even despite the very uncertain path of how it's actually all going to come together! It's unnerving to say the least, but I can scarcely remember life before my sweetheart! Of course, I do and there are beautiful, fond memories of the journey, but it's incredible to be where we are now.

I am very thankful! I'm sitting here at a spa, lounging by a pool, taking a day to regroup before the busyness ensues and I am grateful for the foundational skills of self care I solidified while studying with you and Johnny. These deep and rich habits although wavering in some seasons and more solid in others have become apart of me. I truly hope that you're able to be apart of that day in July to witness this grand day in my life.

If not, I'll have celebrated the journey with you! Our official invites will be coming in the mail in the next few weeks and I look forward to hearing how you all are! Much love to you!”

Ashley N.


“I am so grateful for the love I have in my life”

Amber H. (with her husband)

“Working with Johnny & Lara gave me the courage to dream and find my strength to persevere in finding the love that I wanted. I am now happily married to the man of my dreams and I am so grateful for the love I have in my life.“

Amber H., Oregon


“Your love and wisdom and guidance have prepared me for one of the greatest gifts of my life”

Deborah V. (with her sweetheart)

“Thank you so much for getting me ready to accept, experience and welcome my Soulmate into my life. I was not ready before I started the Love Breakthrough telecourse...but your love and wisdom and guidance have prepared me for one of the greatest gifts of my life. I am so grateful!

With so much love and gratitude-


PS - on our first overnight date he planned the most romantic evening ever - He not only got us a nice room at a swanky place, that afternoon he took off early from work so he could decorate it with scented candles, and rose petals strewn over the bed. He wove fairy lights into the headboard, and he created a playlist for the evening, and a fruit, nut and chocolate plate for us to snack on. He thought of everything down to the little details... No man has even done that for me. None of my girlfriends have even had a man do that for them... I refer to that night as our "Fantasy" date. He is so romantic and delicious!”

Deborah V., Santa Cruz, CA


“Your teachings are soooo important to women wanting to find true love”

Liz S. (with her sweetheart)

He's the kindest, most loving man whose mildness mixes well with my occasional fire. He's mature and knows women well and loves me so completely it brings tears to my eyes. He's gentle and wants to take good care of me. You know, your teachings are soooo important to women wanting to find true love. As much as I thought I was prepared there's so much stuff I need to remember that you taught us. It all fits so perfectly within how to "be" in a relationship.

I've been single on Valentine's Day for nearly 20 years (except once), it just happened that way, until now. Pablo is the kindest, most loving, man I've ever met and I feel so very fortunate to have met him. It took many years of personal growth, determination and having a warriors heart to find each other but it was worth the very long wait.

Remember:- what you seek is seeking you and when you meet him/her you will feel a sense of belonging and ease.

If it can happen to me, it can happen to you! Don't give up on love, keep growing and keep going. :heart::heart:“

Liz S. (San Diego, CA)


“It really was 'with ease and grace”

Marissa A. (with husband)

“O M Geeeee ... I'm a testimonial ?!?!

I prayed that my story would turn out this way!!

When I pause and think more about our relationship and how it unfolded - it really was 'with ease and grace'. It's not hard when everything is right. When tricky stuff comes up, it's easy to manage. Then when the truly hard stuff comes up, it's firstly not nearly as hard as anything from a past relationship - and it is managed with the unstated knowing that we are divinely connected and at the core aligned to a making it through whatever the issue is -- usually external. I want to tell anyone who will listen - follow those dang rules Ladies ... it will bring him faster, though it feels so long when you are waiting ... savour that waiting and trust that he is sooooooo worth the wait !!!

It will be better and more life changing that you can possibly imagine right now

sigh ... now I'm all giggly just telling the early day stories again - lol

Thank you - a million times over - and forever !!“

Marissa A. (Toronto, Canada)


“I'm celebrating both of you and the profound positive effects you both have created in my life”

Erin (with her soulmate)

“Hi Johnny and Lara,

I'm so happy and grateful to be making the time to write you. I'm celebrating both of you and the profound positive effects you both have created in my life!

After a whole summer of healing, my familiar friend who felt like my soulmate energy and I have begun connecting even deeper. His name is Ian.

For now, we can call him my Very Special Person, even though I know, on the deepest level of my being, that my search is over.

Here is a photo of Ian and I in Moab, UT last week. We went for a wedding, which he officiated , and I got to lead him (and later the groom and his family) in Powerful Prayer right before the ceremony. It was beautiful. And because you taught me how to pray so powerfully, and the wedding was so full of the same love that you radiate, it was like you were there!

Love you and talk to you soon!“



“I'm celebrating both of you and the profound positive effects you both have created in my life”

Lindsey (with her soulmate)

“Hey Johnny and Lara,

I wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for all your support while I was in your program.

I remember listening to one of our calls where Johnny stated "If we don't make ourselves a priority then no one else will." It hit me like a load of bricks as that was my main issue with men. I always wanted to be a priority yet I wasn't. Now, I am happy to say after doing more growth work on myself I am in love and have found the man of my dreams! He treats me like gold!! It's the healthiest relationship I have EVER had. We have been together over a year now, and have plans to get engaged and married!!! I wanted to say thank you for doing the work you two do!!

It's been the best year of my life so far, and we are having a blast together! He also has two amazing young children whom I get to share life with too!! He is truly amazing, and I'm so excited for us to get engaged! I know he has it planned, and I have no clue!! :grin:

You are more then welcome to share this story! I have attached a few pictures of us as well!

Hugs to you both,

Lindsey R.

Lindsey R.


“YES! 2018 is my year for love!...“

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“Saying a huge, whole-hearted YES to Johnny and Lara's program is one of the best and biggest life gifts I have ever given myself”

Amanda C. (with her soulmate)

“This journey with you all has been nothing short of extraordinary and life changing. As I go forward, I cannot undo what has been gained here and there is no money that could buy what I have achieved internally. I am a whole new person on a whole new planet and I am so blessed to have shared this all with you. I love you all so much.

Saying a huge, whole-hearted YES to Johnny and Lara's program is one of the best and biggest life gifts I have ever given myself. I am so happy and grateful for that! I knew it would give me a lot and be transformational, but I was not expecting just how truly powerful it would be! The program actively supported me to radically transform my relationship to myself, others and my life from the inside out. I have joined a wonderful sisterhood of like minded, like-spirited women who continue to inspire and support each other. I have moved mountains and (literally!) moved continents, achieved things I previously thought impossible, brought more joy, abundance, self-care and wellbeing into my life and opened my heart fully to soulmate love and relationship with my wonderful partner Brian, who 'showed up' just as I started the program!

Lara and Johnny bring a degree of love, care, integrity, passion, joy and commitment to each participant and to their work that is truly incredible. The tools, teachings and practices they share are not just for relationships - they are for life and a way of life. I continue to learn and benefit from them daily.

I can now say - the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side really IS possible! And YOU have the power to make it happen! From my heart, I wish this for you.“

Amanda C.


“I married my soulmate! He is a great guy, and I am definitely blessed by his presence in my life”

Juliana (with husband)

“I married my soulmate! He is a great guy, and I am definitely blessed by his presence in my life.

I am applying the principles taught in your program to navigate the relationship in a more mature, loving and kind way, than I would have without your leadership.

I totally and wholeheartedly endorse your program, to the women who wish to step up and take their lives to a higher plane of spiritual existence. The growth that we all went through is ongoing actually, and I truly thank you for sharing yourselves and your lives so transparently with us. I gleaned courage and hope during the program, and now as I deal with the issues surfacing each day. You gave me tools and principles that I can use over and over, no matter what occurs.

I am eternally grateful to you both, and your wonderful staff, for all the belief you instilled in us for what's possible in romance, and the love you gave us when we felt defeated.

Thanks again for your love and support.

In gratitude,




“Come join us so we can support you on your journey to love...“

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“This Program Has Been The One Thing That Has Had The Most Profound Impact On My Entire Life!”

Gaby W. (with husband)

“I am living the life of my dreams with the man of my dreams and our so longed for baby.

I wanted to do everything possible to recondition my mind, body, heart and soul for Soulmate Love. I did not want to fall into the same patterns and make the same mistakes I had done in the past.

With the support of Johnny and Lara as my love mentors and the other women in the program by my side who had always seen me at my highest self, it was so much easier to practice change and accelerate the transformation process.

Since then I found my soulmate - we bought a condo, got married (Lara and Johnny officiated the wedding), and we've been transformed by our babyʼs arrival...

It is so amazing to witness how our lives just keep getting better and better. I am living the life of my dreams, with the man of my dreams and our so longed for baby... And of course we know that there are more dreams to be yet manifested! “

Gaby W., Roseville, CA


“I believe the Love Launch Program was the best investment I ever made in myself and Adam agrees wholeheartedly”

Deborah (with her husband)

“I believe the Love Launch Program was the best investment I ever made in myself and Adam agrees wholeheartedly.

When I signed up for Johnny and Lara's program. I was finally putting myself as a priority for the first time in my life and set LOVE at the top of the list.

After making my commitment with Johnny and Lara, I truly learned to love myself, find the clarity, let go of my fears, and see that all I sought in life and love was possible.“



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“My life has changed so much this year in every area for the better”

Andrea D. (with her soulmate)

“I'm engaged to my true soulmate love!!! And my life has changed so much this year in every area for the better! I want to THANK YOU for being the catalyst to this change.

With both of you, I really truly learned to love myself and that was the key that open the door to my amazing life right now. I actually practice loving me on a daily basis and without judgement. I wrote on my journal and did all the advice love-self tips that Lara taught us (I still do.) Max is completely different from all the guys I used to date. My relationship with Max feels comfortable, it feels easy, it feels like adoring, it feels passionate, it feels delicious. I feel like I'm home. He is the one. I mean, last week when we watching a movie, he started kissing the small part of my finger that has a little bit of eczema! No one has ever loved me like this before. I'm in heaven and I can not thank you enough. I'm so excited!!! “

Andrea D., Bay Area, CA


“I'm forever grateful...”

Susan S. (with her husband)

“I'm forever grateful for Johnny and Lara showing me and guiding me to creating my amazing life.“

Susan S., San Diego, CA


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